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In The Top 11 Things You Need to Know About DevOps, Gene discusses the following topics:

  • What is DevOps and where did it come from?
  • How does DevOps differ from Agile?
  • How does DevOps differ from ITIL or ITSM?
  • How does DevOps fit with VisualOps
  • What are the underpinning principles of DevOps
  • What is the value of DevOps
  • How does Infosec and QA integrate into a DevOps work stream
  • Gene's 3 favorite DevOps patterns

I believe there are three business benefits that organizations get from adopting DevOps: faster time to market (i.e., reduced cycle times and higher deploy rates), increased quality (i.e., increased availability, increased change success rate, fewer failures, etc.), and increased organizational effectiveness (e.g., increased time spent on value adding activities vs. waste, increased amount of value being delivered to the customer).

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